Growing pains

An X and Y graph with "organizational size and development" for the Y axis and "time" for the X axis

How does it work?

Growing pains exist when an organization’s revenue exceeds its current people, resources, and systems. These pains typically occur when a company’s revenue is growing rapidly but also exist when a company’s infrastructure no longer meets the needs of the marketplace/customer and revenues are actually declining.

We have found these same pains exist in most companies much of the time. We call them changing pains. Changing pains exist when an organization’s people, resources and systems are not fully developed. Until the underlying people, resources and systems have been successfully developed, their revenues will be static, and the organization is at a high risk of failure.

Our Growing Pains Survey* quickly assesses if you have any of these pains. Most business owners experience these pains more like a frog placed in water that is slowly heated to a boil. Frogs can’t feel heat so they don’t know that they’re getting hot and literally boil to death.  The same goes for many business owners. Something isn’t quite right but they can’t pinpoint what’s wrong until it’s often too late.

Growing pains: An X and Y graph with "organizational size and development" for the Y axis and "time" for the X axis

How you answer each question in our Growing Pains Survey* has a direct relationship to how well you have developed a Pyramid of Organizational DevelopmentTM* in your organization as well as how well you and your team have personally mastered the three-factor approach to management and leadership assessed in our Management Effectiveness Survey* and detailed in our Pyramid of Management and LeadershipTM*. The extent that you have these pains also severely limits if not blocks your ability to grow your revenues and successfully navigate The Stages of Organizational Growth*.

Finally, our Management Effectiveness Survey* can collectively tell you if you have a Leadership MoleculeTM* in place in our organization. You need a Leadership MoleculeTM* in place, yourself not included, to successfully transition out of the day-to-day of your business as well as sell your company for the highest price.