Leadership MoleculeTM*

How does it work?

In order to successfully stabilize, grow or transition your business, a Leadership MoleculeTM* needs to be in place. People often refer to a management and/or leadership team. But what exactly does that mean? The Leadership MoleculeTM* is a validated clearly defined predictive definition. To successfully transition out of day-to-day operations or sell your business for the highest value, you can’t be part of your molecule. You need to be “just” an owner, not an owner-manager.

The Leadership MoleculeTM* exists in an organization when at least two people manage three core roles including five key strategic leadership functions.

A depiction of the three components of a leadership team including operations, systems, and culture & vision
  • Culture & vision: Creating, communicating, and managing what the organization is looking to achieve over the next three to five years. Making sure new ideas and organizational changes are successfully implemented, managed and communicated throughout the organization. Cleary and actively defining and managing a company’s culture including its core beliefs, values and norms.
  • Operations: Successfully managing the day-to-day tasks of the organization as well as being sure those tasks align with the company’s long-term goals.
  • Systems: Making sure the necessary operational (sales, marketing, production, accounting, HR, etc.) and management systems (structure, planning, training, etc.) are in place, monitored and improved to promote continued company development. In our role as your long-term partner, we focus on two of the three core aspects of your Leadership MoleculeTM* (systems, culture and vision), as well as your accounting and financial operations.