Build & preserve your legacy

Estate legacy planning and heir training backed by data, with proven results.

Build & preserve your legacy

Estate legacy planning and heir training backed by data, with proven results.


Ninety percent of successful families fail to successfully transfer wealth across three generations, often called the Midas Curse.


Only three percent of those failures stemmed from poor legal, tax or financial advice.


Sixty percent of those failures stemmed from a lack of heir preparation and breakdown in clear communication.

You worked hard for your money

We know what it’s like to feel like our kids might end up suffering from affluenza and not being sure what to do.

We have over forty years of data and frameworks that predict success in organizations and have applied that knowledge to families.

Our Pyramid of Family DevelopmentSM provides your family a clear path to develop a long-term family plan including heir training.

Pyramid of Family DevelopmentSM

An illustration of a pyramid that has seven levels and depicts the key components to family development across generations

Pyramid of Family DevelopmentSM

What makes us different?

We aren’t financial planners, trust attorneys or tax planners. We’ve taken what we’ve learned building successful organizations and coaching successful managers and leaders and applied that to building family legacies and training heirs.

Successfully managing an organization’s beliefs, values and behaviors requires a clear plan and process. The same goes for a family’s legacy. We help you clarify your family’s key beliefs, values and behaviors so you can manage them over multiple generations.

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“GroundSwell’s estate legacy process put our fingers on what’s really important to my husband and I. It’s wonderful to see our kids take a stand for what they believe.”

Larissa K.

“Before we started this process I thought my parents were really dorks. But now I know they’re not and more importantly I know why they’re not.”

Kelly H.

“My son was hanging with the wrong crowd and getting bad grades. Three years later he has a 3.5 GPA and is active in our family business.”

Jim C.

Personal FoundationSM

An illustration of a stick figure standing on-top of a red cube

Personal FoundationSM

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Prepare your kid for takeover

We’ve leveraged our knowledge of business foundations to assist your heir(s) in developing their own Personal FoundationSM, a key part of our Business Ownership SchoolSM. They attend our school, but all their assignments are geared toward your family plan and/or family business.

Repeatable frameworks for legacy and heir success

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A color coded pyramid with seven levels that depicts the key components to developing a personal foundation along with personal goals, skills, systems and culture

Pyramid of Personal Ownership DevelopmentSM

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