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GroundSwellSM Overview

Who we are, what we do and why we’re different.

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Business Ownership SchoolSM Overview

An introduction and how it works.

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Inner OptimizationSM Overview

The why and how behind our Inner OptimizationSM interoception offerings.


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Survey options & research

Details on our different surveys and the research behind them.

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Business ownership skills

The integrated skills and content areas of ownership skills.

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Partnership options

Our planning process deliverables and long-term partnership options.

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Valuation Bridge PlanSM

Details behind our Valuation Bridge PlanSM.

The One Question

The one question

Looking to transition out of the day to day of your business or sell? Ask yourself this question first.

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Key dimensions of Inner OptimizationSM

Details on our proprietary interoception training and why owner-mangers need these skills.

2023.02.15 Direct Ownership Partnership (1)

Direct ownership partnerships

Looking to lower GP fees and carry? Download our guide.

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Estate legacy planning & heir training

An overview of our legacy planning & heir training.


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An illustration of a stick figure that is managing their visceral system to create an optimal state

Thinking, Feeling & Doing, Fast & Slow

We've seen most if not all business owners, ourselves included, struggle with the following: Being fully objective in their short and long-term thinking, Being fully present with their feelings and...
illustration of five business ownership concepts and how they are connected via a web of knowledge

How To Develop Ownership Wisdom

People generally know what wisdom means, but few can clearly define it. They certainly can't teach or measure it. If you're curious what wisdom is and how to clearly define...
Direct Ownership Platform

A Differentiated Direct Investment Process

Most general partners spend their time responding to investment bank pitch books. Some develop deep industry knowledge and source proprietary deals through personal relationships. But few if any have a...
amily Legacy Development

Family Legacy Development

We know what it's like to feel like our kids might end up suffering from affluenza. According to Webster's Dictionary, affluenza is the feelings of guilt, lack of motivation, and...
Organizational Alpha

A Better Option

Investing in private equity funds is expensive. If you add up the management fees and carry the typical limited partner pays, about 40% of their total investment goes to their...
The Business Valuation You Deserve

The Business Valuation You Deserve

You decided to sell your business or raise some much-needed growth capital. What happened next seems unfair. When you visited your bank to start the process, you were stunned by...

Do You Respond Or Do You React?

There's lot coming at you when you're running a business. It's impossible to plan for everything, and it's easy to overreact to the crisis of the moment and lose your...
Business Valuation Scale

Do You Have an Exit Plan?

Are you looking to sell your business or transition it to a family member and retire? And are you counting on that asset to fund your retirement? If so you...
Differentiation adventage

How to Quantify Your Brand

You can beat out your competition with a differentiation advantage, a fancy way of saying having a strong brand. To quantify your differentiation or brand, ask yourself four questions: Can...
Do You Have a Family Foundation

Do You Have a Family FoundationSM?

Does your family collectively know who you are, what you stand for, where you're going and how you're different? In other words, have you discussed, documented and communicated your Family...
Vagus Nerve

What’s the Vagus Nerve and Why Does It Matter?

Let's face it, life as an owner-manager is stressful. There's a constant demand on your time, energy, and focus. When you're stressed, your body produces hormones like adrenaline and cortisol...
Managerial leverage

Do You Have to Do It Yourself to Get It Done Right?

You have way too much to do. If only your staff could take on some of this work, you wouldn't have to do it all yourself… The ability to effectively...

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