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Watch GroundSwell Overview

GroundSwellSM Overview

Who we are, what we do and why we’re different.

Bob Bennett President

Business Ownership SchoolSM Overview

An introduction and how it works.


Inner OptimizationSM Overview

The why and how behind our Inner OptimizationSM interoception offerings.


Survey options & research

Details on our different surveys and the research behind them.

Business ownership skills

The integrated skills and content areas of ownership skills.

Partnership options

Our planning process deliverables and long-term partnership options.

Valuation Bridge PlanSM

Details behind our Valuation Bridge PlanSM.

The one question

Looking to transition out of the day to day of your business or sell? Ask yourself this question first.

Key dimensions of Inner OptimizationSM

Details on our proprietary interoception training and why owner-mangers need these skills.

Direct ownership partnerships

Looking to lower GP fees and carry? Download our guide.

Estate legacy planning & heir training

An overview of our legacy planning & heir training.


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