Family Legacy Development

We know what it’s like to feel like our kids might end up suffering from affluenza. According to Webster's Dictionary, affluenza is the feelings of guilt, lack of motivation, and social isolation experienced by wealthy people. We also know how helpless you can feel when you’re not sure how to avoid it.

Believe it or not, developing and instilling family values and culture and communicating those values across multiple generations is very similar to doing the same thing in a large organization. Successfully managing an organization’s beliefs, visions, values and behaviors requires a clear plan and process. The same goes for a family’s legacy.

Drawing from over forty years of research, case studies, and real business implementation, GroundSwellSM has taken our proven business-building frameworks and applied them to family legacy development.

“My son was hanging with the wrong crowd and getting bad grades. Three years later he has a 3.5 GPA and is active in our family business.”
-Jim C.

Our Fractal Flywheel of Family DevelopmentSM provides families with a clear path to develop a long-term family plan including clarifying key beliefs, values and behaviors as well as specific and detailed heir training.

A fractal flywheel that has seven levels and depicts the key components to family development across generations

Fractal Flywheel of Family DevelopmentSM

Along with our family legacy planning and heir training, GroundSwell’s Business Ownership PlatformSM provides the people and tools needed to successfully stabilize, grow, or transition your business and legacy.

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We provide the right people and tools to successfully stabilize, grow or exit your business. Cody Marshall and Bob Bennett contributed to this article. 

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