Management Effectiveness Survey*

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Our Management Effectiveness Survey* provides managers and leaders on your team with important information about their strengths and opportunities to enhance their effectiveness.

This licensed survey, built around a proprietary research-based three-factor approach to management and leadership effectiveness, assesses the extent an individual has developed the appropriate:

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Role concept

The extent an individual understands their role as a manager/leader and where they should be investing their time.

Management skills

The degree of knowledge and use of critical management and leadership skills including SMART goals, delegation, decision making and time management, etc.

Inner Game of Management*

The command of a “mindset” proven essential for managerial & leadership success.

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Our Management Effectiveness Survey* is a validated tool designed to help individuals enhance their managerial capabilities and effectiveness. The survey consists of 30 items that measure an individual’s effectiveness relative to our three-factor approach to management and leadership development  (i.e. role concept, management skills, and the Inner Game of Management*).

We also provide an average score and report for management teams taking this survey.

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“Your survey opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and acting as a manager.”

Ryan D.

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Who should take this survey?

Whether you're an owner-manager, a member of executive management, a recently promoted manager, or an aspiring owner-manager, the Management Effectiveness Survey* will help.

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What type of results will I receive?

You'll receive a thorough multi-page personalized report that will identify your strengths as well as areas to improve.

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How long do the surveys take?

This survey takes 15 to 20 minutes.

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What else will I get?

In addition, you'll receive a free consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results, answer questions, and discuss actionable recommendations based on your survey findings.

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