How To Develop Ownership Wisdom

People generally know what wisdom means, but few can clearly define it. They certainly can’t teach or measure it. If you’re curious what wisdom is and how to clearly define and measure it, you’ve come to the right place.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, wisdom is "the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships." But what does that mean?

We’ve spent countless hours researching wisdom, particularly as it relates to decision making and business ownership and have come up with our own definition:

Wisdom: the ability to use your knowledge and experience from different areas to make good decisions and take the necessary actions to accomplish your desired outcomes.

From there we identified the critical knowledge areas of business ownership and created repeatable processes to teach that collective knowledge so our students can successfully accomplish key goals in their professional or personal life.

Our integrated business ownership content is delivered through a combination of scenario and experienced-based learning - our Web of WisdomSM educational experience and platform.

illustration of five business ownership concepts and how they are connected via a web of knowledge

Web of WisdomSM

Academically Validated Skills

We leverage validated, time-tested and proven practical tools and methodologies to teach ownership knowledge so our students can make better decisions, improve their results, and decrease their risks.

Our Web of WisdomSM consists of the five integrated content areas in our Business Ownership SchoolSM.

Web of WisdomSM Content Areas

Strategy: Learn how to identify the key factors that will drive value in an investment by conducting in-depth research that analyzes the cost, customer, and competition in a targeted industry.

Organizational Development: Learn how to build systems and processes for an organization starting with the development of a Business FoundationSM including defining the core concept (who are they), mission (where are they going), and strategy (how are they different).

Management & Leadership: Learn five key managerial and leadership skills including time management, delegation skills, SMART goals, decision making and judgment.

Accounting & Finance: Learn critical accounting and financial terms and concepts by creating and managing a time-driven, activity-based costing (“TDABC”) financial model so you can value businesses and build budgets around time and cost drivers.

Inner OptimizationSM: Learn the characteristics of the underlying cause of 90% of organizational and personal failures. Proactively minimize those causes with personal protocols focused on managing your startle reflex through increased awareness of your “gut” brain.

Our Web of WisdomSM knowledge and skills are more effective than learning the same skills on a stand-alone basis because each content area is integrated with the others versus learning the same content on a standalone basis. It’s the integration of that knowledge and skills that facilitates true wisdom.

If you’d like to know more about our innovative Web of WisdomSM schedule an intro video call now .

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