illustration of business financial icons and graphs


An illustration of a blue bridge that is crossing a moat of water to a company headquarters. The bridge has an off ramp, or exit, to retirement on the left hand side which leads to a beach with lawn chairs and bags of money. This image depicts an exit plan for business owners where they can enjoy retirement while their business continues to thrive in the future, under new ownership

Why You Need to Make Yourself Irrelevant

You've put your life into your business. Business ownership comes with challenges, but you're proud of what you have built and wouldn't change a thing. You...
bridge with a little money on one side for value today and a lot of money on the other side for value tomorrow

The Business Valuation You Deserve

You decided to sell your business or raise some much-needed growth capital. What happened next seems unfair. When you visited your bank to start the process,...
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