A Differentiated Direct Investment Process

Most general partners spend their time responding to investment bank pitch books. Some develop deep industry knowledge and source proprietary deals through personal relationships.

But few if any have a differentiated investment sourcing process that turns cost centers into profit centers.

GroundSwell’s Direct Ownership PlatformSM does just that. How?

  1. Our organizational and management surveys generate revenue while efficiently and effectively assessing potential investments.
  2. Our Business Ownership SchoolSM recruits and trains managers and leaders who self-select into developing ownership skills by paying our tuition. They’re not just looking for high paying jobs via recruiters, etc. The want to get paid primarily in residual interests (aka ownership) vs. the lower risk relatively fixed payment structure of salaries.
  3. Our pre-investment planning requirements create real value for the companies that hire us while simultaneously generating paid due diligence for us.

GroundSwell’s Direct Ownership PlatformSM creates Organizational AlphaSM (higher returns and lower risks across the efficient frontier) in your direct investments while dramatically lowering general partner costs and increasing limited partner net returns.

red cube surrounded by six bars that represent business ownership frameworks and direct ownership

Direct Ownership PlatformSM

Visit our key frameworks page to learn more about our Direct Ownership PlatformSM.

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