Key frameworks

This section provides more details on the key frameworks that make up our Business Ownership PlatformSM.

Business Ownership Platform

Business Ownership PlatformSM

Defines the five critical content areas and skills integrated into our holistic Business Ownership PlatformSM.

Organizationalal Alpha with graph with return increasing up and risk increasing to the right

Organizational AlphaSM

The incremental results and decreased risks utilizing GroundSwell’s Business Ownership PlatformSM.

pyramid with business foundatoin at bottom followed by market, products & services, resources managment, operational systems, management systerms and corp culture at the tip

The Pyramid of Organizational DevelopmentTM*

Identifies the six financially predictive factors that drive organizational success and Organizational AlphaSM.

Growing pains

The pains that exist when an organization’s revenue exceeds its existing people, resources, and systems.

Stages of Organizational Growth*

Defines the predictive relationship between revenue and stage of organizational development in The Pyramid of Organizational DevelopmentTM*.

The Pyramid of Management and Leadership DevelopmentTM*

The underlying critical management and leadership skills required to develop an organization’s infrastructure and create Organizational AlphaSM.

operations, systems, and culture & vision molecules all overlapping

Leadership MoleculeTM*

Identifies the three key leadership roles and five key functions that must exist to successfully stabilize, grow or transition any organization.

Strategic planning

A systematic and flexible six step process that underlies how GroundSwell partners and invests in businesses and owner-managers.


Pyramid of Strategy DevelopmentSM

Clarifies what matters in your industry and ultimately answers the question are you different than your competition. It also provides a method to create differentiation if you’re not.

Time-driven activity-based costing

Budgeting based on time and cost that accurately predicts revenue and profits within 5%.

_Pyramid of Brand and Marketing DevelopmentSM

Pyramid of Brand and Marketing DevelopmentSM

Clarifies the critical variables of an integrated brand and marketing strategy.

_Pyramid of Tech Stack Development SM

Pyramid of Tech Stack

A systematic approach to assess, plan and implement the hardware & software you need in a successful technology stack.

Inner Optimization<sup>SM</sup>

Inner OptimizationSM

Enables managers to be objective in their behavior and decisions and improve overall well-being.

Intrapersonal Tensegrity Inner Optimization

Intrapersonal TensegritySM

Defines five key integrated personal development areas vital to peak performance in business ownership.

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