Do You Have to Do It Yourself to Get It Done Right?

You have way too much to do. If only your staff could take on some of this work, you wouldn’t have to do it all yourself…

The ability to effectively delegate is probably one of the five the most important and powerful skills that you can learn over your career. If you’re a middle manager (red tie below) managing four line managers (black ties in middle lower groups of five below) and your line managers can’t delegate, you’re really managing twenty people. And that just doesn’t work.

An illustration of one manger with a red tie managing four middle managers with white ties who are each managing four subordinates

Managerial leverage is the ability for one manager to manage four middle managers versus managing twenty employees on their own.

A Five-Factor Approach to Mastering the Management & Leadership Role

Based on over forty years of research, there are five key factors that determine leadership/management effectiveness. If these five factors are managed effectively, you’ll be successful at managing large numbers of people 90% of the time.

  1. Role Concept – How you need to think and behave in your role. Gives you a clear sense of where and how to spend your time.
  2. Piaget Skills – The accurate and attuned understanding of the perspective, level of knowledge, and skills of the individuals that you delegate to.
  3. Critical Thinking The ability to analyze and synthesize large amounts of information and complex concepts before logically piecing together relevant factors to assess, develop, and make decisions and act.
  4. SMART Goals & Delegation – The ability to turn high level strategy into organizational work by effectively integrating SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, & Time-stamped goals with delegation: the correct processes, resources combined with the appropriate relinquishment of authority and effective feedback.
  5. Inner OptimizationSM  Addressing your internal needs which drive personal and managerial issues that are the root cause of organizational failure.

How Do I Start?

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