Organizational effectiveness surveys

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We recommend having your entire team take our two organizational effectiveness surveys. These surveys provide results about your company’s development along the six key building blocks in The Pyramid of Organizational DevelopmentTM* proven to predict long-term financial success.

Our organizational effectiveness surveys will:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses against a predictive model
  • Reveal underlying issues and predict future ones
  • Provide actionable insights
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Growing Pains Full Insights*

The 10 question Growing Pains Full Insights Survey* is for your entire organization. The survey results detail your overall growing pains “score” based on confidential employee input. We encourage you to include as many employees as possible to get the most complete and accurate picture.

This survey provides an overall assessment of your growing pains. You also receive a personal consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results and clarify recommendations.

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Organizational effectiveness

The Organizational Effectiveness Survey* consists of 65 questions that measure the extent your organization has developed along the six key building blocks proven essential for long-term success.

This survey is a highly effective diagnostic tool on its own and compliments the Growing Pains Full Insights Survey* as it pinpoints the underlying causes of your growing pains and provides specific solutions to address them.

“Your survey alerted me to the fact that only my CFO and I knew about our monthly employee cash performance bonuses I spent over $125k on last year. Poor communication on my part. Thanks!”

Tim B.

Which survey is right for me?

The Growing Pains Full Insights Survey* tells you if everything is ok or not. The Organizational Effectiveness Survey* tells you specifically what is right and/or wrong and what to do about it.

What type of results will I receive?

You will receive a thorough, multi-page personalized report. The Growing Pains Full Insights Survey* is higher level. The Organizational Effectiveness Survey* provides targeted recommendations based on The Pyramid of Organizational DevelopmentTM*.

How long do the surveys take?

The Growing Pains Full Insights Survey* takes about  5 minutes.

The Organizational Effectiveness Survey* takes 20 to 30 minutes.

What else will I get?

In addition, you’ll receive a FREE personal consultation with one of our trained experts to review your results, answer questions, and discuss actionable recommendations.

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