Pyramid of Tech Stack

How does it work?

Knowing and being able to decide what hardware and software you need is a daunting task. Unless you have a background in hardware or software, it’s tough to even know where to start. But it’s key you start, and the sooner the better. 


First, most organizations don’t have a clear technology strategy and use too many applications, often overwhelming their staff. A recent report found the average small business under 100 employees uses over 100 apps. The average mid-market business uses close to 150. Just managing all the different passwords is a critical cybersecurity issue, let alone using them effectively.

A pyramid highlighting seven key components to developing technology resources in a business

Second, there’s real cost savings to be had. Gartner, a leading technology market research provider, expects organizations that effectively implement hyperautomation technologies will lower their operating costs by 30%. But what are hyperautomation technologies? Hyperautomation consists of four different integrated technologies that fit into the broader workflow automation category. Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

We’re not hardware or software experts but we’ve invested the time to research and synthesize what you need to know and do when it comes to your technology needs. We’ve also broken down this process so it’s as jargon free as possible. 

Leveraging our Pyramid of Tech Stack DevelopmentSM, our tech stack content starts with our propriety twenty question tech stack survey that assesses how well your organization leverages technology while identifying opportunities to improve. It also categorizes you based on one of our four tech stack personas. 

From there we use our Business FoundationSM visual thinking process to clearly define who you are, where you’re going and how you're different. 

Then we use the key categories of our Pyramid of Tech Stack DevelopmentSM to educate you on the plethora of technology options out there so you’re not overwhelmed with each category and its jargon. We’ve also researched and demoed each of the leading vendor options so you don’t have to.

Finally we utilize our strategic planning process based on our Fractal Flywheel of Organizational DevelopmentSM to ensure you have a detailed plan to put the necessary technology resources in place to meet your long-term business goals. 

Once you have a tech stack plan, we’ll manage onboarding and integrating each app so you don’t have to.