About GroundSwell

Our story, flywheel and your peace of mind.

About GroundSwell

Our story, flywheel and your peace of mind.

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sketch of mountainbiker riding through mountains

Our story

We fundamentally believe the traditional private equity model is broken. Why? Most private equity investors think their customer is their investor. We don’t. We firmly believe that the owner-manager is our customer.

With that in mind, everything we do is about making our owner-manager’s businesses and lives better. Not only do we want them to accomplish their financial goals but we want them to enjoy the process along the way. The same goes for our Business Ownership SchoolSM students. We call them Fellows.

We’ve met thousands of owner-managers and they all have different strengths that have gotten them to where they are today. But they often lack the specific knowledge, skill and time to focus on the critical tasks that will get them where they want to go. With that in mind we’ve leveraged our own financial success as well as extensive research to integrate the best methods and frameworks we could find to make our customer’s lives easier and more efficient.

We’ve also met driven and qualified college and business school grads who couldn’t get a job in private equity because they didn’t go to the right schools.

So we spent a number of years developing and refining our business model so our owner-manager customers, Fellows, investors, and we, all won.

At the end of the day we love learning about how to be more efficient and effective in our careers and our lives while enjoying the process along the way. Hopefully you’ve found our site to be authentic, rigorous, holistic and reliable. Because at the end of the day that’s who we are.

With that in mind, check out at our flywheel below.

Our flywheel
and your peace of mind

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Blue #1

Enroll students who value daily learning & personal growth.

Red #2

Train them in our Business Ownership PlatformSM.

Yellow #3

Share our Business Ownership PlatformSM and passion for learning with owner-managers.

Yellow #4

Implement our Business Ownership PlatformSM in owner-manager long-term partnerships & investments.

Green #5

Achieve owner-manager goals while simultaneously providing peace of mind.

Green #6

Benefit from our Business Ownership PlatformSM economies of scope, scale and long-term success-based compensation in our owner-manager partnerships and investments.

Meet the team

Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett


Prior to founding GroundSwell, Bob worked with BancBoston Capital and Bain & Company. Bob received an M.B.A. from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and graduated with an A.B. from Dartmouth College. During and following college, he was a competitive rower and won a number of national championships.

Cody Marshall

Cody Marshall

Senior Associate

Cody is a graduate of GroundSwell’s Business Ownership SchoolSM. Cody provides strategy, organizational development, finance, and management support in GroundSwell’s long-term partnerships and investments.  In addition, Cody is a teacher in GroundSwell’s Business Ownership SchoolSM.

Cody was a member of the U.S. Ski Team for over five years and had many top national and international results.

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