Business Ownership PlatformSM

Red cube surrounded by five bars that represent business frameworks

How does it work?

GroundSwell’s Business Ownership PlatformSM combines the essential business ownership knowledge, skills, frameworks and technology in a one-of-a-kind platform for owner-managers looking to stabilize, grow, or transition their businesses.

Our Business Ownership PlatformSM includes proprietary content and services in five key subjects: strategy, organizational development, accounting and finance, management and leadership, and Inner OptimizationSM. These subjects align with the key predictive drivers of success in our Fractal Flywheel of Organizational DevelopmentSM. Our Business Ownership SchoolSM teaches the same business ownership subjects.

Our platform is a turn-key modular system that allows each of our five offerings to stand alone while simultaneously integrating with each other to create our platform. We manage this integrated platform on GroundSwell ONESM, our robust enterprise project management software that allows you to manage these content area deliverables and goals as well as your day-to-day tasks.

Red cube surrounded by five bars that represent business frameworks

In addition, we have an expert team ready to implement our platform in your business over the long-term. We’ve found that most owner-mangers wear a lot of hats, and even if they’ve been trained in our content areas, they have a business to run and don’t have the time to focus on these critical areas by themselves. That’s where our platform and partnerships come into play. Not only do we develop a long-term plan with you to get you where you want to go, we’ll partner with you over the years it typically takes to get there.

We'll invest capital when you need it as well. But we believe the people and tools we offer need to be in place before investment capital can be successfully deployed.

Finally, we facilitate sustainable growth for individuals, families, communities, non-profits and government entities. GroundSwellSM is the Ownership PlatformSM for individuals and organizations where informal residual interests exist (aka people deeply care about results) without the corresponding legal contracts (aka equity or legal ownership).

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