Intrapersonal TensegritySM

How does it work?

Based on over ten years of extensive research into peak performance and biohacking, we’ve selected and curated the most efficient and effective options and integrated them into our Intrapersonal TensegritySM framework and offerings for owner-managers. In addition to offering our Inner OptimizationSM interoception training, we’ve partnered with the CHEK Institute to provide owner-managers with best-of-breed education and personalized coaching on nutrition, posture, alignment and movement. Finally, we’ve partnered with a number of body focused psychologists that lead our hands-on and virtual workshops and performance-based neurofeedback providers that assist you in integrating our Inner OptimizationSM training with your sixty thousand daily thoughts to control you gut reactions and make better decisions.

stick figure standing on red cube surrounded by five key components to peak performance
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