Inner OptimizationSM

How does it work?

Our Inner OptimizationSM training focuses on bringing internal awareness, or interoception, to your visceral organs with a focus on your enteric brain or “gut brain.” We’ve found these skills enable you to proactively manage your reactions to various external and internal triggers in the heat of the moment as well as make better decisions in the short and long-term.

Our guts have ultra-slow electromagnetic frequencies, similar to brain waves when we are asleep. By learning to bring awareness to our gut while we’re awake we can learn to be effectively awake and asleep at the same time. We can learn to be relaxed and focused, often referred to as the “flow state” coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

There are many ways to enter the flow state but most if not all require external triggers (think mountain top to climb, big wave to surf, a quiet room, etc.). But owner-managers don’t have those options when they’re in a key sales pitch or managing their IT system crashing.

Meditation and mindfulness are extremely powerful and helpful practices that are associated with the flow state and peak experiences. But most mediation practices lower/quiet key brain waves that you need in the moment. And most mindfulness practices increase connectivity across the brain but don’t create lots of sleep related brain waves.

Our Inner OptimizationSM practices allow you to “put on the brakes” with your slower sleep related brain waves while you’re awake. Research has shown that repeat violent criminals don’t create that brake with their slower brain waves. They in fact have too many slow brain waves that don’t respond properly to internal and external stimuli. But when they get proper training for their slow brain waves, their violent behaviors minimize and often stop.

An illustration of a stick figure that is managing their visceral system to create an optimal state
Pyramid of Inner Optimization

We’ll also teach you when to trust your intuition or “gut” with our more advanced practices in our Pyramid of Inner OptimizationSM. According to research by Antonio Damasio, the developer of somatic marker theory, you need somatic markers to make good decisions. Somatic markers are internal representations of feelings each of us have about different experiences. Yet we all accumulate “ineffective” somatic markers that lead to poor decisions, both in the moment and in the long-term. In our hands-on and virtual workshops and online classes, you’ll learn to recognize your own personal somatic markers, which best serve you, and eliminate/minimize the rest. In other words, we teach you when to trust your somatic markers, aka, your gut.

Where do you typically learn interoception skills? You don’t unless you stumble on them yourself after years of self-experimentation and deep contemplation.