Do You Respond Or Do You React?

There’s lot coming at you when you’re running a business. It’s impossible to plan for everything, and it’s easy to overreact to the crisis of the moment and lose your ability to be objective. It’s human nature. We’re wired that way.

Even though you may be relatively unaware of them, as a business owner even the slightest overreaction or gut response is noticed by everyone in and outside your organization. They affect your ability as a manager and block the success of your company as a whole.

The bottom line is you need equanimity in all you do.

x and y graph depicting an individuals response to external triggers

We’ve spent over ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching and developing ways to empower business owners to control their gut responses when it matters the most to make better decisions.

Our methods blend ancient wisdom, meditation, and healing practices with modern science, technology, economics, and business management expertise to enable owner-managers to proactively respond versus react to any given organizational challenge.

We’ve found the most effective way to maintain equanimity is through our Inner OptimizationSM interoception training. Interoception1 is the lesser-known sense that helps you understand and feel what’s going on inside your body.

stick figure with visible color coded organs

How Do I Start?

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Your Inner OptimizationSM skills literally transformed my business and my life. No joke.”
-Troy R.

Along with our Inner OptimizationSM interoception training, GroundSwell’s Business Ownership PlatformSM provides the necesary people and tools to create more time, money, and control in your business.