The Pyramid of Management and Leadership DevelopmentTM*

A pyramid highlighting seven key components to management and leadership

How does it work?

Based on over forty years of research and experience, our licensed Pyramid of Management and Leadership DevelopmentTM* breaks down management and leadership effectiveness into three key factors.

Role concept: How an individual thinks about their role including where they invest their time.

Skills: The extent an individual has developed specific managerial skills including SMART goals, delegation, time management, decision making and communication, and their ability to apply those skills in all levels of management and leadership. The fundamental skills stay the same but the way you utilize those skills (we call that leadership style) changes depending on your level of management responsibility.

The Inner Game of Management*: An individual’s “mindset” or psychology relative to their need for control, source of self-esteem and need to be liked. Based on extensive direct and third-party experience, not managing an owner-manager’s Inner Game of Management* is the root cause of organizational failure. It’s also the root cause of an organization’s failure to achieve its potential and/or goals. In other words, it’s “always” the Inner Game!

A pyramid depicting the key components to management and leadership

Based on extensive research and personal experience, we developed our own propriety Inner OptimizationSM interoception training as well as our performance lifestyle Intrapersonal TensegritySM framework to proactively manage an owner-manager’s Inner Game of Management*. We firmly believe in order to be a successful owner-manager you need to successfully manage yourself first. That includes your thoughts, emotions and your overall health and well-being. Otherwise, you’re selling your organization short.